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Keep connected with Yamaha Y-Connect. Monitor functions such as maintenance schedules, malfunction notification, fuel consumption, battery levels and last parking location, incoming and missed call, and message notifications.


FAQ for Y-Connect App

What is the Y-connect application?

The Y-Connect application from Yamaha’s innovation that allows riders to connect with the All New NVX. This is the first locally assembled motorcycle in Malaysia that is connected to a smartphone.

How do I download the application?

Currently, the Y-Connect application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store (Android) and the Apple Store (Apple).

What are the features of the application?

The main advantages of the Y-Connect application with the CCU (Communication Control Unit) device technology are:

  1. Parking location
    The Y-Connect application will save the motorbike last parking location where the motorcycle is disconnected from the smartphone.
  2. Telephone, email, and message notifications
    Provides notification on the speedometer screen when a call or message / email comes to the smartphone.
  3. Maintenance recommendations
    Helping users to get the real condition of engine oil and battery voltage
    (battery) and provide recommendations for maintenance.
  4. Fuel consumption
    Helps users analyze current fuel consumption
  5. Malfunction Notification
    Provides notification via the Y-Connect application and email if there is a problem with the motorbike.
  6. Revs Dashboard
    Displays data such as engine rotation throttle opening angle, acceleration, economical driving.

How to use the application?

Here’s how to use the Y-Connect App

  1. Download the Y-Connect application
    For Android Phones download from Google play and for iPhone Mobile download from the Apple Store.
  2. Registration / Sign Up
    For registration, you can use Email or Social Media
  3. Pairing with the devices
    i. When pairing, make sure Bluetooth and GPS must be ON
    ii. There are 3 ways to pairing, including:
    – Scan the QR Code on the CCU device on the motorcycle and make the connection
    – Scan the barcode of the motorcycle frame number and make the connection
    – Enter the motorcycle frame number manually and make the connection
    iii. Turn on the motorcycle by turning the main switch to the “ON” position, then the CCU device will start searching for a connection with your Smartphone-ID.
    iv. After that Smartphone-ID will be connected to the CCU device and the Smartphone and Motorcycle will be connected to each other. Marked by the appearance of the Y-Connect indicator and smartphone battery icon on the Meter Panel of the motorcycle.

What is the sign that the motorcycle is connected to smartphone?

1. The App icon & Smartphone Battery Indicator will be appeared on the speedometer.
2. The words “CONNECTED” will be appeared on the Home page of the Y-Connect application

How do I set the Phone / Message / WA Notification on the speedometer?

For settings (notifications) that the method on android and iOS are different. For android Whatsapp notification settings will be appeared in the Y Connect application, for the settings as follows:

  1. Enter the Settings menu in the Application
  2.  Select a notification setting
  3. Activate notification of incoming calls (GSM / CDMA phone)
  4. Select the application that will later be displayed on the speedometer, for example Message, Whatsapp, email etc. Maximum of 6 applications.

As for the Whatsapp Notification settings on iOS as follows:

  1. Select the settings menu on Mobile
  2. Select Notification in the settings menu
  3. Select Whatsapp and click allow notifications and also check All alerts (lock Screen, Notification Centers and Banners)

How many smartphones can be paired with 1 motorcycle?

Not limited, but only 1 smartphone that can be connected to a motorcycle at one time.

Is it possible for 1 smartphone be paired to several motorbikes?

Not limited, but only 1 smartphone that can be connected to a motorcycle at one time.

Can Y-Connect be used without a mobile data plan?

No, Y-Connect requires a mobile data to be used.

How long is the CCU warranty?

2 years or up to 20,000km, whichever come first.

If the CCU malfunction?

If the CCU malfunction, consumers can visit an authorized Yamaha Service Center for assistance.

What happen if user does not reset the EG oil / battery indicator on Y-Connect after replacement?

Estimated condition of battery & EG oil is not correct. It is highly recommended to reset the EG oil or battery indicator on the Y-Connect application, for a more precise estimate of battery & oil conditions

What is the farthest radius so that the Smartphone (Y-Connect) remains connected to the motorcycle?

The effective radius to stay connected to the motorcycle is 3 meters.

If the Y-Connect application is closed and the motorcycle is turned on, will the smartphone and motorcycle be connected?

It can be connected if Bluetooth is still on / active and not connected to other devices. However, if Bluetooth is not active or is connected to another device, the smartphone cannot be connected to the motorcycle.

When user A is using a motorcycle, can user B (who has also paired the Y-Connect app to the same motor as user A) be able to see user A's real data?

No, the Revs Dashboard data and parking location only appear on smartphones that are currently connected to the motorcycle’s CCU, while smartphones that are not connected only display the last data that particular smartphone last connected to the motorcycle (CCU).

Can user add a CCU to another Yamaha motorbike?

No. The CCU can only be installed on Yamaha motorcycles that designed with CCU from Yamaha.