Miri, 18th May 2014– Hong Leong Yamaha Motor Sdn. Bhd. (HLYM) launches its first Borneo Road Safety Campaign 2014 today. It is jointly organized by HLYM and the Sarawak Northern Region Motorcycle & Bicycle Association. The honourable Mayor, YBhg Mr. Lawrence Lai Yew Son was there to officiate the launch at the Bintang Megamall, Miri.

The road safety campaign themed “Minda Cekap, Perjalanan Selamat” (Sharp Mind, Safe Ride) highlights the importance of having the Right Attitude, Correct Knowledge and proper Riding Skills especially when travelling on the roads during the coming festive season. It also emphasizes the importance of motorcyclists taking responsibility for their own lives and others on the road and ensuring their motorcycles are in good condition at all times. Motorcyclists have to focus on 3-key elements. The first of these elements is to have the “Right Attitude”, which highlights the importance of the rider’s attitude through thoughts of having a proper approach before riding. The second element, “Knowledge”, requires that motorcyclists know the limitation of oneself, i.e. do not assume, and if assume, don’t risk it. This knowledge covers personal riding ability, motorcycle limitations, road conditions and weather conditions. The third element is “Skill”, which essentially means that proper riding position and correct braking techniques improve driving competence.

Apart from creating awareness, HLYM also conducted a free 15-points safety check on all motorcycles and advice motorcyclists on the importance of periodic maintenance. Other highlights include the Yamaha Safety Riding Science demonstration (YSRS) aimed at educating motorcyclists on safety riding skills from a scientific approach.

In addition, the Sarawak Northern Region Motorcycle & Bicycle Association also contributed 100 new SIRIM approved helmets which were given away to replace unsafe or old helmets on a first come first serve basis. Participants of 15-points maintenance check each also received a free T-shirt, reflective stickers and a Yamaha booklet featuring the highlights of the event & safety tips.


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